Thursday, July 20, 2017

Kentucky: Family Pit Bull attacks 2-year-old; Child transported to hospital with severe facial lacerations

KENTUCKY -- A 2-year-old child suffered severe lacerations to the face this morning during an attack by a pit bull.

The child was transported by Anderson County EMS to the University of Kentucky Medical Center with what first responders said were non-life threatening injuries (but were LIFE-ALTERING).

The dog was a family pet that had never bitten anyone, according to Shane Bast, director of the county’s animal control unit who is investigating the incident.

He said the dog has been secured and that the child’s mother told him she wanted the dog put down today.

Bast said that can’t happen because he’s required by law to quarantine the dog for 10 days.

“I’m going to watch it for 10 days,” Bast said, adding that the mother told him the dog had been vaccinated for rabies.

“After that, if she wants to euthanize the dog, and I think she will, she can.”

Bast said if the mother changes her mind, he would take the matter to court to have the dog declared vicious.

“Based on what I saw, that wouldn’t take much,” he said.

Bast said he dealt with dogs near that home the night before when he had to take custody of three pit bulls at the corner of Ballard Street and North Main. He said those dogs were friendly, but had to be taken in because they were running loose.


(The Anderson News - July 19, 2017)