Friday, July 28, 2017

New York: Mary's "face was torn off" by a Sheltie mix and her brother was "ripped up" by a weenie, yeah

NEW YORK -- This was posted in response to a story about a Pit Bull attacking a small child. Mary gives us two Paul Bunyan-like tall tales of vicious maulings by Weenie dogs and Shelties while making excuses as to why this Pit Bull attacked this child. I can tell you the answer: it's been bred into it the same as Pointers point and Border Collies herd things. It's in its nature. 

Mary Elbissouri shared a memory on Facebook on July 15 at 6:59pm ·

What happened to this child is horrible. Please do not under rate it.

My face was torn off by a sheltie mix. My brother was ripped up by a dachshund. All dogs can bite. Most dogs that brutally attack are un neutered males. Followed by un spayed females. Dogs most likely to fight each other are females in heat. The number one cause for an attack by the family dog is an ear infection when a small child pulls on it's ears.