Thursday, July 27, 2017

New York: Pit bull euthanized after attacking pet sitter's toddler, dragging him across the floor

NEW YORK -- An adult pit bull has been put down after city officials said it bit an 18-month-old boy on Floyd Avenue Saturday morning.

The infant was treated and released from the hospital, officials said.

The pit bull’s owner was out of town and another person was dog-sitting, according to police officials. The dog-sitter arrived at the Floyd Avenue residence to let the dog out shortly before 10 a.m., and she brought along her 18-month-old son, officials said.

According to police, the son was crying and walking towards his mother when the dog bit the boy and dragged him across the floor. 

Rescue personnel and Animal Control arrived and the animal was seized.

Authorities said the boy suffered cuts to his face and an injury to his left thigh. He was treated at University Hospital in Syracuse, and medical officials said this morning he has since been discharged.

“We did remove the dog from the house,” explained Kimberly Vaughn, from city Animal Control.

It is county policy to confine dogs for 10 days after they have bit someone, Vaughn said, in case the animal has rabies. However, Vaughn said the pit bull’s owner requested he be put down.

“The dog has been euthanized, per the owner’s request,” Vaughn explained.

She said the owner was fined for having an unlicensed dog, and was ordered to pay overnight boarding fees while Animal Control held the dog.

(Rome Sentinel - July 27, 2017)