Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Tennessee: Neighbor's Pit Bull gets loose, attacks and kills woman's dog and attacks and injures her other dog

TENNESSEE -- Wanda Crouch Chappell posted on Facebook July 7, 2017 ·

These are my two dogs. Actually, both adopted me from neighbors. Oreo, the little black/white on the right hasn't been seen since 7 am today. Sam, the black one is home but he's hurt. I chased a pit bull off my back porch this morning and am wondering where Oreo is. We live on Vandyke Rd. If anyone knows anything, please..........😢

We found Oreo. He was killed by a pit bull across the road. I only now stopped crying. Sam is also hurt and if not better in the morning will be at the vet. I chased the pit bull off my back porch this morning not thinking twice about it. Sam and Oreo both around 5 + years and have been here all this time. Why? This dog supposedly chained. How did he get loose and why no electric fence to keep them in? My heart is totally broken and I can just pray he didn't suffer😪

For those of you who remember that my Oreo was killed the other day, I want to let you know that Sam is better. Has bite marks on his side but no blood. Think he was just sore more than anything. Low dose aspirin and lots of water and love has him feeling more like himself. I do want you to know that he is actually mourning Oreo. He goes to the door and whines, but when I let him out, he just sits on the porch looking around and wants back in. My heart breaks for the little guy. The owners of the other dog are good folks. They keep him in a pen and even on a chain. No one knows how he got loose; however, he needs to be got gone! Thanks for all your kind words. I miss Oreo, sweetest dog ever😥