Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Texas: It wasn't just the little boy attacked. Mom, sister and brother attacked by their own Pit Bulls

TEXAS -- Diego Jimenez was feeling grateful with Wendy Arreola. Posted on Facebook July 1, 2017 at 3:53pm · Maricopa, AZ ·

Yesterday my wife and babies were attacked by a pit bull, while the dog had a hold of my 5 year old daughter my wife Wendy Arreola pried open the dogs mouth picked up both of my kids and carried them to safety while her legs were mauled. She just got out of surgery and is recovering and my daughter is out of the hospital with some staples.

This woman deserves a standing ovation for saving their life. With times like this you quickly find out who belongs in your life and who doesn't. From the bottom of my heart Thank you to those of you that have stepped up.

Dianna Kelley - How is everyone doing today?

Diego Jimenez - We're still at the hospital, its a long road of recovery for my wife. My daughter is back to her self. Thank you for asking

Dianna Kelley - Prayers for her and you. Recovery from surgery can be quite a struggle. (((Hugggggssss)))

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Pit bulls that attacked boy in #TexasCityTX remain in quarantine

• No update available on boy's condition
• Police: Family took appropriate measures to secure dogs

Two pit bulls that were responsible for a Saturday (7-1-2017) night attack on a boy, will be held in the Galveston County Animal Resource Center for another week, animal control officials said.

A pit bull puppy that was also at the house where the boy was attacked, but not thought to have bitten the boy, is also being held in quarantine.

While listed as pit bulls, Animal Resource Center Director Amber Adams said she believes the dogs are pit bull mixes.

No one cares, Amber.

The attack happened at about 7:30 p.m. July 1 in the 2400 block of 13th Avenue North in Texas City. The boy - who police said is either 6- or 7-years-old was in critical condition when taken by air ambulance to Memorial Hermann hospital's trauma center in Houston.

His parents at first drove the injured boy to Mainland Medical Center where emergency center doctors determined the injuries were so severe the boy needed to be treated at a trauma center.

An update on his condition was unavailable Monday (7-3-2017) from authorities. Federal laws restrict what medical information can be provided to law enforcement authorities by hospitals.

The boy was attacked while his family unpacked after having just moved to Texas City. The dogs were in kennels in the backyard of the house when the boy reportedly went outside and let them out, police Sgt. Kenneth Brown said.

When the dogs got out, they attacked the boy. It's uncertain if the attack was immediate of if the boy did something that could have provoked the mauling.

Scott Packard, a spokesman for the Galveston County Health District-managed animal shelter, said the dogs - a brown and white adult male, brown and white adult female and a blue and white female puppy - are under a mandatory 10-day rabies quarantine.

The quarantine is required for any animal involved in an attack on a person.

Barring intervention from law enforcement or some court order, the family can request the animals be returned at the end of the quarantine, Packard said.

While police are investigating the attack, Brown said it appears that the family did nothing wrong - under the law.

"They took the responsible action and secured the dogs and the boy wandered out and let them out of (the kennels)," Brown said. "From our perspective there's nothing criminal about what happened."

Packard said that so far the dogs have shown no signs of rabies. If the dogs had displayed rabies signs they animals would be put down and a rabies test conducted.

While the family can request the animals be returned at the end of the quarantine the dogs would be classified as "dangerous dogs."

During the quarantine period the family could elect to give up the dogs. At which point the dogs would be euthanized, Packard said.

For those who say it's how you raise them, it seems
they've had these Pit Bulls since they were puppies. So
why did their beloved pets try to kill them all?