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Texas: Maria Trigo and Nohemi Acevedo arrested, charged with animal cruelty after torturing and beating Pit Bull with baseball bat

TEXAS -- Two Harlingen women are charged with animal cruelty.

Harlingen police officers said video shows two women running up and trying to rescue a Poodle that was being attacked by a loose Pit Bull.

After the little dog runs back to its own property, one of the suspects repeatedly strikes the Pit Bull with its own chain and restrains it with the chain when it tries to run away from her.

The second women then beats the dog with a baseball bat several times while the first woman keeps the dog from running away.

The incident happened earlier this month on the 2600 block of Wilson Road.

Animal Control issued citations to the owners of both dogs, picked up the Pit Bull and took it to the shelter. Apparently these two fine specimens of womanhood failed to tell the officer they'd used the dog as a pinata and a few days later, police were given a copy of the video.

Twenty-year-old Nohemi Shakira Acevedo and 58-year-old Maria Felix Trigo were arrested Thursday.

Facebook Comments

Dennis Moreno - They got PR Bonds?? They'll be out tomorrow without paying any bail. 😠

Rudy Salinas - They are already out

Manda Hare - Violent crime like this and get a pr. Just cause its a dog and not a human who was hurt. They didn't deserve pr

Noel Acevedo - Pit bull came to my yard and attacked our dog we have doctor bills and pictures if you idiots want to see them

Noel Acevedo - Now you have the true story. If you want to talk to me personally just ask

Jakob Palomares - Lol you can't even type correctly. If you are able to restrain the dog you are able to call authorities as well. They reacted aggressively obviously. And now they get what they deserve for beating a dog. It's 1 thing dog vs dog. But a human holding it down and beating it is ridiculous. So yea. Get lost bro

Noel Acevedo - They were afraid the pit was turn on them stupid

Noel Acevedo - No charges

Noel Acevedo - They got what they deserved they are out free by law

Jakob Palomares - No they deserve worse then that. They held down a dog and beat it. I don't think you understand old man

Noel Acevedo - The judge did thats all i need

Jakob Palomares - This ain't about you.

Noel Acevedo - This is my daughter

Jakob Palomares - Doesn't matter it's animal cruelty.

Jakob Palomares - Should have taught her that was wrong

Noel Acevedo - So what the pit bull did to the poodle is not cruelty

Jakob Palomares - Dogs are different then humans what don't you understand?!! You weren't even there!!! Or else you would have done something!!! The fact is is that it's animal cruelty. How would it be different if you were getting in a fight with another human then people hold you down and beat you with a bat! It's animal cruelty!!!!!!

My Thoughts

OK, your first reaction (without benefit of seeing the video) is that they didn't do anything wrong because the Pit Bull was wandering around loose, spotted the poor Poodle and attacked it. You can see in the video it doing that "Pit Bull head thrashing" where it's trying to break the neck of its victim. So the women run up and do whatever they have to do to stop the attack. 

If they had had a gun and shot the Pit Bull dead right then, I would not have had a problem with that response. 

If they'd beaten the Pit Bull with the baseball bat to get it to let go of the Poodle, I would not have had a problem with that. 

Maybe it's their anger at the situation that made them go temporarily insane, but they don't merely hit the Pit Bull to stop the attack and chase it away so they can go check on their little dog. They seem to have forgotten all about their dog and just want to kill this dog. 

This appears to be one of those Pit Bulls that is animal aggressive, but does not appear to have much interest in attacking people (at least in this case). In the video, you can see the little Poodle scurry back onto its own property and then look back and it appears someone grabs it. It does not appear that the Pit Bull is attempting to attack any of the people standing around. In fact, it kind of looks like he's wondering why they took his toy away.

The heavyset woman, who I'm assuming is Maria, has hold of the long broken chain that the dog was dragging. The dog never once tries to attack her or even act aggressive towards her in the video. However, she repeatedly swings this chain, which is quite long maybe about 15 feet, and hits the dog with it over and over and over. The dog tries to scurry away and she yanks it back - because it's attached to this chain. 

This dog, if it wanted, could have attacked her at any time - but it didn't. Didn't even look like it had that in its mind. Maria continues beating the dog with the chain - and yanking and dragging it back when it tries to get away until Nohemi, the skinny one, arrives in the cul-de-sac with the baseball bat. 

While Maria keeps the dog from getting away, Nohemi beats this dog in the head with full force overhead swings over and over and over again. At one point, the dog is just lying there - with Maria still holding the chain taut - and Nohemi, with all her might, brings the baseball bat down right on the dog's face. I thought its head would explode like a watermelon with that hit. 

I'm assuming the only reason this poor dog isn't dead is because it's a Pit Bull and they've got those blockheads. She must've beaten him in the head at least half a dozen times or more, but with that last hit he jumps up and tries to run only to have Maria yank him back with the chain. 

I couldn't even watch the entire video - I clicked enough to get some screenshots, but it's brutal and horrific. 

Yes, this Pit Bull - in my opinion - should be humanely euthanized for attacking this Poodle. If it does it once, it'll do it again. And it will happen again - chains break, gates don't get completely latched, dogs pull their leashes out of their owner's hands. Anytime this dog sees another animal, it will want to kill it. 

But that's beside the point really because what we're focusing on is what these two horrible women did. And what they did is appalling and disgusting. They were only charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty and, although they each received bail amounts of $1,500, the judge made it "PR" which means personal recognizance so they didn't have to pay anything. Just got photographed, fingerprinted and then were allowed to walk right out of the jail. 
Personal recognizance means the pretrial release of a defendant from jail or arrest by a judicial officer without bail. The defendant is released on the basis of a promise made by him/her to return to court. 
That's pathetic. Now I understand why Nohemi's father is bragging in his Facebook posts about it. 

I hope the prosecutor upgrades the charges to aggravated animal cruelty.

Here's the video if you want to watch and decide for yourself.

Posted by Rudy Salinas on Friday, July 28, 2017


(KRGV - July 29, 2017)

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