Thursday, August 3, 2017

Arkansas: Everett Compton, Jr., 49, accused of repeatedly raping family's pet donkeys

ARKANSAS -- A Siloam Springs man is accused of sexually abusing a couple’s pet donkeys after he was caught having sex with raping the animals on a game camera set up to catch trespassers, according to Siloam Springs district court documents.

Everett Lee Compton, Jr., 49, was arrested Monday (July 31) in connection with five felony counts of cruelty to animals. Compton also faces four misdemeanor counts of bestiality and criminal trespassing.

The donkeys’ owners told police they’d been having trouble with people harassing their pets on Cheri Whitlock Drive for three years, according to the documents.

The Whitaker family had been talking with police for the past month, and officers had posted extra patrols in the area.

Signs warning against trespassers didn’t solve the problem, so the owners set up a game camera to catch intruders.

The camera captured several images on May 27, June 4 and July 5 of Compton putting a bag over a donkey’s head, getting behind the animal and placing his pelvis against its rear, according to the documents.

However, police apparently weren't able to collect enough evidence that Compton was raping the animals. So the family purchased and installed a security camera to record video and were horrified at what they saw.

Siloam Springs police apprehended Compton on July 16 after he was caught having sex with RAPING another donkey on the same property, according to the documents.

Prior to his arrest, Compton told the officer he had been feeding the donkeys some carrots. When the officer asked Compton if he had been having sex with RAPING any donkeys that night, he answered "No."

The officer then told Compton there were surveillance cameras located around the property, and that he planned to look at the footage.

Compton told the officer he smokes a lot of marijuana, and claimed it made him do "sick things."

He tried to talk the officers out of arresting him, swearing he would "get help" if he was not charged with having sex with RAPING the donkey, according to the incident report.

One family member told the broadcaster: "It just made me sick to my stomach. To know that she couldn’t tell nobody and that she was having to go through this and she couldn’t tell nobody.

"We knew he was there so we could call police to come and check things out."

Compton was being held Tuesday (Aug. 1) at the Benton County Jail on a $5,000 bond. He has a hearing set for Sept. 11 in Benton County Circuit Court.

( - August 1, 2017)

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