Thursday, August 3, 2017

Florida: "Bo and i were out for a walk this morning and got attacked by a pit bull"

FLORIDA -- Bill Frederick was feeling pained at Florida Hospital North Pinellas.
5 hrs · Tarpon Springs, FL ·

Bo and i were out for a walk this morning and got attacked by a pit bull. Bo got chewed up. I couldn't get the pit to let loose (he had Bo by the neck) so i finally laid down on top of Bo.

The pit still had him but couldn't shake him with me on top. He finally let go.

Don't believe i got bit but my herniated disc is killing me.

Jean Gogolin Good lord! Horrible! Were you able to find the owner and/or call the police? I don't know if there's an animal control officer in Tarpon.

Bill Frederick Called the police, they called animal control. Police said they probably won't confiscate the dog because he didn't actually bite me. If there's a next time, i won't need the police.

Dorté Zuckerman Oh. Bill, I am so sorry to hear this. They breed pit bulls for attacks, and the dogs hang on. Hope Bo is better, and that you can get some help for your back. What bad luck!!

Susan Mitzel Bass OMG! Is your dog going to be okay? That is horrible that the police won't do anything.

Bill Frederick Hi, susan, gonna check with animal control later to see how it was handled. Just having xrays now (me, not Bo)

Jill Haupt-Schultz 2nd house on right when you come in?

Bill Frederick Jill Haupt-Schultz no, further down on right, maybe eight houses...
Debbie Hunt Omg. I hope you are ok as well as Bo. Please send picture of Bo and you. I hate to say this but the pit bull needs to go. It is a danger to people. You are lucky more damage was not done

Bernie Caughey A neighbor has three pit bulls. One bit another neighbor on the foot, tearing a hole in his shoe and foot. When I heard that I bought some pepper spray that I take with me during our daily walks.

Bill Frederick I'll be carrying my 9mm. It's like pepper spray, only, uh, heavier.
Tony Scott Sorry this happened and that you did not get a fair result. Hope you will both be okay. :(

Micki Berthelot Morency WTF! Am glad you and Bo will be ok, but really...pit bull needs to go.👿

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