Friday, January 5, 2018

Australia: Golden Retriever attacked by "massive Pit Bull" at the park; afterwards owner fled with Pit Bull

AUSTRALIA -- Jenna Mitchell added 4 new photos to Facebook January 1 at 1:26pm ·

My beautiful Louie resting after being attacked by a massive pit bull x at the park this evening. 

After a stressful trip to animal emergency, I'm very happy to say he's okay. He is definitely one lucky boy to still have his right eye after getting bitten on the face! Love you Louie Pooie xx

Jenna Mitchell - He is much better today.. Eye looks good and he is back to his normal self! Thanks for everyone's well wishes!

And it happened at riverside gardens in Bayswater. Louie was on the lead as we had just gotten out of the car and it came running over and the owner shouted out "don't worry, he's friendly" and within a second it went for him.

Louie fought back making it very difficult to separate them and the other owner took forever to help me. I think she must have been stunned. Afterwards she simply said "well he's never done that before" and walked off. 

This occurs so often, Pit Bull owners run off with their dogs after an attack, that it's been coined "PIT AND RUN"

It was definitely the most frightening experience I've had as a dog owner!! Just a reminder to people to be cautious with their 7000kg fighting dogs

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