Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Georgia: Golden Retriever named Ollie attacked by Pit Bull at dog park

GEORGIA -- While at Parkgrounds in East Atlanta,  Ollie the Golden Retriever was viciously attacked by a Pit Bull.

Ollie's owners have created an Instagram page just for him. Why? Just look at that face. He simply can't take a bad photo. Also, Golden Retrievers have been purposely bred for years to be docile and sweet. That's why they are so often used as guide dogs. I have never read a story about a purebred Golden Retriever mauling anyone - and I've read a lot of dog attack stories.

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The way to get new toys and hand-fed frosty paws is NOT the way I'd recommend! Luckily, I'm on track for a full recovery and should be cleared to play in the next 2-3 weeks! Be safe in those dog parks, fellow puppers.

Oh no I’m so sorry!! You look like you’re in good hands and you’re being spoiled though here’s to a speedy recovery!

thank you

Aww, poor thing. And Golden’s are the least aggressive breed. I hope there is no permanent damage. We don’t ever take Rudy to dog parks for that reason. I’d rather know every dog/owner well instead of taking potluck at the park.

lesson definitely learned. We will never go to another dog park for that reason. It was awful.

You must have been so afraid. Was it a larger dog? So glad Ollie is ok. We’ll pray for quick healing. And prayers for you both too!

it was a 5yr old pit mix. We're very thankful and very lucky Ollie will be okay. Thank you so much for the prayers. We're receiving them fully and gladly accepting all the prayers we can get.

Aw poor baby! What dog park did this happen at?

it is called Parkgrounds in East Atlanta

Ohh my Gosh !!! Poor little boy . Tucker was attacked by a pit also twice . Both times he had to have stitches on his ear. I am very sorry hope he gets better soon .