Saturday, January 27, 2018

United Kingdom: After her Beagle was attacked by a Pit Bull, woman didn't think he was hurt. But later found two giant wounds on him.

UNITED KINGDOM -- Egle Navickiene posted on Facebook January 4, 2018 at 6:25am ·

This is something everyone needs to know. Me and my friend decided to have a walk with the dogs (beagle and poodle) at white waters Park in Waltham Abbey 4pm yesterday when man with a white Staffordshire Pit Bull with black markings came up and his dog after couple of sniffs, [attacks] my dog.

Scene itself was ugly as you can imagine, he [attacked] my dog's tummy, was trying to bite on a sides, and when I hit the attacking dog few times with heavy handle of my dogs' leash it was over.

The idiot was saying dog is alright which obviously wasn't. I've check my dog, looked fine at the moment and we continued our walk, got home.

And then my husband took my beagle to the shower where he started to bleed and he found two big wounds. Ended up in vets, paid bill over £100 and now my boy is on 10 days antibiotic course and inflammatory /painkillers medicine.


Need to go tomorrow and after tomorrow for checks and sleep with him tonight to make sure he is not bleeding more,his temperature is not going up.

WTF (sorry for my French) is wrong with people???!!! Next time it can be someone's child, be careful and PLEASE PLEASE report it to police. Make pictures if you can, spread the word around as it's really increasing. It's not a first time for us this year but this time it was the worst.

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