Saturday, January 27, 2018

United Kingdom: While telling us his dog was attacked by a Pit Bull, owner wants you to know this "isn't a post to make people think Staffies are dangerous".

UNITED KINGDOM -- Brad Smith posted on Facebook January 7, 2018 at 10:35am ·

Please be careful all dog walkers if your planning to use McLaren St Field. My usual destination to take Murphy for walks.

Sadly today he was attacked by what looked like a Staffordshire pit bull Terrier which has resulted in a puncture wound to his chest and Neck.

Murphy is well and will be going the Vets tomorrow to be cleaned up. Vets have already been contacted and I’ve spoken to a Vet on the phone. The guy had two dogs both on leads as was Murphy.

This post isn’t a name and shame and it certainly isn’t a post to make people think Staffies are dangerous as I know lots of people who owns these dogs and they are Ace! 

This is a post to make sure people who have dogs keep them under control especially if they have an aggressive temperament.

There’s nothing wrong with walking aggressive dogs just keep them away from other peoples dogs or use methods to stop this from happening such as muzzles.