Tuesday, February 27, 2018

California: Owners flee with their Pit Bull after it mauls small dog; only return to speak with police after witness follows them to their home

CALIFORNIA -- Deborah Craigo added 2 new photos to Facebook February 24, 2018 · San Diego, CA ·

Pit bull not on a leash attacked a small dog that was on her leash.

I don't care about your sympathy toward those dogs, after seeing that pit chomp on that dogs neck while the owners were punching it to let go, and then attack its legs and everyone using beach chairs to try to keep it away, then it ran out into the road.

Yeah, what if that were a baby, well.. it's this lady's baby, she's in tears and the fuckers with the pit bull finally put it on a leash and ran away. Fuck you! Cowards!

Deborah Craigo - Neighbor is checking on the dog this morning. Said the owners of the pit only came back after one of the girls had followed them to their house and reported to the police where they lived, that apparently they saw her and were like gone, took off and she didn't believe they honestly had any intention of coming back until they saw her follow them, used the excuse that they were putting the dog in their house and planned on coming back. Not sure why it took two of them to do it but okay, and then she said that both of the pits owners were bit as well and had blood all over them. What a lovely dog eh? Here we have a one bite rule, which means the dog will definitely be put down. Probably why they ran.

Deborah Craigo - Lets just say they sat out there with the small dog for an hour while they waited for the police, and the owners hadn't come back that entire time.



  1. Lana Mallet can barely speak English, but she can string all the pit apologist sentences together, laced with F bombs of course.

  2. I feel like this is cyber bullying by posting someone's name and picture in such a mean way...