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Canada: After Kevin Newman's Pit Bull crushed a little Sheltie mix to death, he ran off with his dog - and is now blaming the Sheltie's owners for his death

CANADA -- A horrifying incident in Coal Harbour has left a Vancouver dog owner shattered.

Security camera footage from a balcony overlooking a stretch of the Seawall in Coal Harbour shows an unleashed Pit Bull locate its target, a Sheltie American Eskimo dog being walked on a leash. The Sheltie owners pause (first mistake) while the Pit Bull and the Sheltie sniff each other.


Suddenly the Pit Bull launches an attack on the Sheltie. Its owner, Farshid Tabari, swings his dog by its harness up into the air with the Pit Bull jumping up and grabbing the smaller dog. It yanks the poor dog right out of its harness and begins crushing it with several bites.

You see them finally separate the Pit Bull from the Sheltie and the owner casually walks off with his dog.

Update: He has been identified as KEVIN NEWMAN

“As soon as I put him down, he dropped down and did not move at all,” Farshid Tabari, the owner of the injured dog, said.

The injured dog was rushed to a vet but died from its injuries over the weekend.

The attack happened a week ago Sunday.

Animal control officers are trying to locate the attacking dog and its owner, who left the scene.

The owner is believed to have been wearing a grey-and-white patterned jacket and had a neck tattoo behind his left ear.

Note: He has been identified online as KEVIN NEWMAN.

An online fundraiser to cover the cost of Tabari’s veterinary bills.


This video irritates me. Yes, these people are victims but they don't have to have a victim mentality. YOU DO WHAT YOU NEED TO DO TO PROTECT YOURSELVES, YOUR FAMILY AND YOUR PETS. They have the mannerisms of victims. This damn dog comes by... why would you ever let your dog near it? 

You tell yourself you'd stab the pit bull with a pocketknife or that you'd put it into a chokehold and strangle it to death. But this little Sheltie is, as they say "dead man walking", AFTER THE FIRST BITE. It only took one bite for the Pit Bull to crush the internal organs of this Sheltie. Once the Pit Bull jumped into the air and grabbed the Sheltie, the fight was over before it had even begun. 

Despite what Pit Bull apologists claim, Pit Bulls have incredible bite strength. This Pit Bull leapt into the air and grabbed hold of the Sheltie. For a split second you can see the Sheltie in the air with the Pit Bull, also completely in the air, hanging onto the Sheltie. 

That was enough to mortally wound the little Sheltie named Max. When they land onto the ground, the Sheltie doesn't move and the Pit Bull releases it.

They're busy grabbing and leashing the Pit Bull while the Sheltie never moves. He's a dying lump on the ground. The owner picks up her Sheltie and cradles him in her arms. 

Then after their dog has been mortally wounded, they appear to attempt to talk with the Pit Bull owner who simply walks off with his dog. They put their dying Sheltie onto the ground and then stand there, looking confused.

I am NOT blaming the Sheltie's owners. They were naive - and Max paid the price for their naivety.

Follow your laws, but prepare yourself. Think like military and law enforcement -- have a winning mindset. You and your loved ones will make it home safely. Legally carry a taser, pocketknife, firearm. Plan for what you will do if something happens. DO NOT BE A VICTIM!

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

Tabari told CTV News the owners of the other dog acted aggressively towards him before walking away.

"He didn't offer help or say, ‘How's your dog doing?’" Tabari said.

"CTV Vancouver reached out to the other person in the video, Kevin Newman, who says CLAIMS he hung around for 10 minutes after the attack, but the security video shows him and a woman leaving after just one minute.

“I would never wish any dog to be hurt,” Newman said over the phone. ”I'm a dog lover.”

“I tried to give my information. I told them to call the cops.”

Animal Control is now investigating the incident while the British Columbia SPCA says one way to prevent such attacks is to keep your pet on a leash.

Newman, on the other hand, is at least partially blaming the leash for Max’s injuries.

“He had a little rope harness on the dog, that's probably what made the internal bleeding,” Newman said.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

This was their GoFundMe page:

On January 21st, our poor little Max was attacked while walking on the Coal Harbour seawall with his mom and dad. Max was leashed, but the attacking Pitbull was not. Max was tossed through the air and pinned down before his owners could separate them.

Max was seen by a veterinarian immediately with bills exceeding $2000. Over the course of the next week, Max’s condition worsened and he was rushed back to the hospital with further bills reaching $5000.

On Saturday evening, after discovering internal bleeding, Max’s family had to make the difficult decision to euthanize him. We’re seeking funds to assist Max’s family pay for the cost associated with the veterinary care.

GoFundMe: Max's Vet Bills :(
Created January 29, 2018
Rob Cimaglia
  Vancouver, BC

(Global News CA - January 30, 2018)

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