Monday, February 5, 2018

Nevada: Rick is red-pilled on the truth about Pit Bulls. Laurel is not.

RENO, NEVADA -- Rick Carson posted on Facebook January 22 at 6:55am ·

Someone I love very much got attacked by pit bull this weekend. I'm gonna use this situation once again to condemn these dogs.

Just like almost all pit bull attacks, this dog had never shown any aggressiveness in the past. James had been with the dog, in his words, "A ton of times". As with many things, it's never an issue until it's an issue.

Consider this scenario. You raise a border collie in an apartment in NYC. You don't ever let it outside. Then, when its 8 years old you take it to a farm. What do u think that border collie is going to do? Its going to herd the animals cuz that's what it was bred to do.

I'm not gonna say that pit bulls are any more aggressive than a German Shepherd, Doberman or any other dog. The problem is that they were bred so that when they bit they didn't let go. That's where the death comes into play.

We have all heard that its the owners and not the dogs. Well, if that's the case than why don't we have more killer poodles or killer Golden Retrievers? Are all the bad owners restricted to owning pit bulls? Bull shit. 

Maybe this is just one of those topics where we have a conditioned response to until it hits home and it happens to someone you love. Fortunately, or maybe thanks to Providence, this dog did let go. The wounds are on the face so I am putting pic in the comments section as some of you may not want to see it.

Rick Carson - So thankful it missed the eye.

James McMurray - Still in the hospital. Thats a post op picture. Only one bite.


Laurel Moran - It is the owners...& there are poodles & pugs that bite & attack too...I rescued a pit while living in florida..she was brutally abused & trained to fight...she was aggressive & half starved when I took her...I had to hand feed her for months...I had her for 11 years. She was the sweetest dog--she never bit anyone. & I had two kids in the house. Use your head with all animals & teach your kids not to get in any things face & take extra care when they're eating. I adored my Zoey till the day she died April b4 last. It's not the's people. We bred these poor animals to be's disgusting how we manipulate these animals & gave them a bad reputation. I'm soooo sorry your friend got hurt..but it's not the dog...all animal owners should caution their company of their pets regardless of the breed. (No disrespect intended to anyone) just my opinion.

Rick Carson - That's just about the same testimony ive read from every pit bull owner who has owned a pit bull that has killed a kid. Up until the time they killed they were sweet, peaceful, non-threatening. The difference between small dogs that attack and pit bulls is two fold. First off, most small dogs that attack are aggressive by nature...they don't go from being docile animals to attack dogs at the drop of a hat. By most accounts of records I have read on pit bulls, they do this fairly often. They go from peaceful to attack mode instantly. That's what happened with James. The dog came up to him wagging his tail, James reached down to pet him and the dog lunged. The second and more important reason is that while small dogs attacking hurts it usually doesn't kill. With pit bulls it too often does result in death or permanent maiming and injury. I suppose this subject is a lot like texting and driving or experimenting with drugs....we all have opinions but those opinions are subject to change when someone u love is the victim.

Guy Cloney - Any dog biting someone like that needs to be put down...period!

Rick Carson - I agree Guy.... haven't found out yet if this one has been put down. The dog belonged to a friend which makes it tough.

James McMurray - I agree. That's the owner's responsibility to keep others safe.

James McMurray - The surgeon did some amazing work

Kelly Henderson Garrison - I’m not sure how anyone can look at this picture and defend the dog. I am a die-hard dog lover. I think anyone who abuses an animal should be strung up by the balls. But I also think humans deserve at least the same protection. This man was abused by a dog. Do we protect the abuser??🤨

Rick Carson - Kelly, I agree. As ive said, its heartbreaking to put a dog down but holy crap, humans have to come first!!

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