Tuesday, February 27, 2018

North Carolina: Little dog named Abby attacked by neighbor's Pit Bull

NORTH CAROLINA -- Susan Mason posted on Facebook February 23, 2018 ·

My baby girl Abby got attacked by a pit bull this is one of her wounds.i am so angry that people let's a vicious dog run free in a housing development.

Barbara J Bryson I am so sorry is she better now?

Susan Mason no she has bites all over her and a big gash on her hindquarters

Donna Spell Poor thing. Could have been a child. Needs to be something done to that dog and owner.

Susan Mason that's what I told the cop

Leanna Flood Shoot shovel and shut up. That dog would be dead one way or another.

Tammy L Barton It has a taste for blood now! My sisters Boston terrior was viciously destroyed by a pit bull. There was blood dripping off the walls and blood everywhere! When they attack they need to be destroyed!

Kisha Nicole Taylor Give that pit a lead pill!