Thursday, February 22, 2018

United Kingdom: Man and his Pug attacked by a Pit Bull

UNITED KINGDOM -- Posted by Mandy Grace on the Facebook group page New Bargain Bay (Liverpool& North West) February 20, 2018

Today my mum and dads pug dog was attacked by a Pit Bull on Knowsley road.

the pug was on a lead having a walk when my dad walked pass a Pit Bull chained up to a lamp post and never thought anything would happen as it was secure but as he walked pass the Pit Bull got free from its chain and attacked the tiny pug,

my dad wrestled with the Pit Bull to stop it from killing the pug of which he sustained injuries as well as the pug

please if anyone knows who this dog is please let me know as this could have easily of been a child, the pug has puncture wounds and is in shock,

she has been the vets and is on antibiotics, anti inflammatory tablets and also strong painkillers, please help as this is a dangerous dog and attacked for no reason, thank you

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