Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Colorado: After Yellow Labrador attacked by Pit Bull, Animal Control tells Pit owner dogs "got into a scuffle"

COLORADO -- Marshal Rehders posted on Facebook March 1 at 9:00pm ·

So, last Sunday afternoon Koda (MY Labrador) was attacked by a pit bull, from behind, on the sidewalk and then again in my front yard repeatedly by this dog.

The owners live on the corner across from us in the yellow house...to many of my friends and neighbors, I want to warn you that this is a vicious dog and will not stop until it has killed your severely wound you pet!

The owners stated on the neighborhood website that the dog was lost and they posted pics of this dog with a little dog patrying that the dog is harmless...it is not! Watch you larger size dogs and kiddos!

The owners also have a large hole in the fence where this dog will escape and attack your Larger dogs. The owners stated this dog is aggressive to large animals!!! 

The owners have not been around while I'm home, so I have not had the opportunity to talk with them. I am waiting to discuss how they plan to keep this from happening again to anyone else. Be care out there walking your Larger pets in the Grey Hawk Subdivision! By the way Koda is healing from his injuries very well!

UPDATE: Thank you all! I love the support...I spoke with the owner last night and the Humane Society told them their dog was knotty and got into a scuffle without injuries. So I brought the father over to my house to see the damage to Koda's neck, ear and chest. The father was shocked, scared, and very nervous. 

Bill Jones, if I catch the dog out again, I wont be calling the Humane Society! I will be coming down for a fishing trip.

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