Saturday, March 3, 2018

Florida: Chihuahua named Rico mauled by a Pit Bull; has $5,000+ vet bill

FLORIDA -- Chris Sileo is feeling heartbroken. Posted on Facebook March 3, 2018 ·

Our dog Rico was attacked this morning by a pit bull and needs costly surgery. Even if you can’t contribute to this, PLEASE share it so hopefully others will! Thank you! Please pray for Rico and Melissa as well...this is her fur baby. Thank you.

GOFUNDME: Surgery Costs For Our Dog
Created March 3, 2018
Chris Sileo
Our dog Rico (a chihuahua) was attacked this morning by a pit bull. His injuries are extensive and needs jaw repair surgery, which costs $5,000 or more. We are taking him to the University of Florida in Gainesville to be seen by a specialist (that’s how extensive the damage is).

He is a sweet, beautiful dog, and our daughter loves playing with him. This is a huge financial burden and we would appreciate all of the help you can give. Thank you!