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Florida: Tiny Chihuahua named Rico somehow survives vicious Pit Bull attack; slowly recovering

FLORIDA -- Earlier this month this family started a fundraising page after their beloved little Chihuahua was mauled by a Pit Bull (sigh, I know. The attacks never stop). They've updated their fundraising page with photos and updates. Here's the latest:

Our dog Rico (a chihuahua) was attacked this morning by a pit bull.

His injuries are extensive and needs jaw repair surgery (his jaw is broke and his teeth are separated from his gums), which costs $5,000 or more.

After seeing two vets in Central Florida, we were referred to and are taking him to the University of Florida in Gainesville to be seen by a specialist (that’s how extensive the damage is).

This dog has been with my wife through some of the worst times of her life, and the best times when we became family and had our (now 17 month old) daughter. He is a sweet, beautiful dog, and our daughter loves playing with him.

This is a huge financial burden and we would appreciate all of the help you can give. Thank you!

Update 1
Thank you to everyone who has donated and shared this campaign! This was a horrible attack and the injuries are more extensive than we thought. He has two puncture wounds on his chest, the front and back of his jaw is broke, and his teeth are detached from his gums. He will need a CT scan done and the surgery for his whole jaw. Please continue to share if you aren't able to donate, and donate if you can. Words can't express the gratitude we have for everyone who has written, called, texted, and donated so far. This is a very tough time but you all have made it a little "easier" to handle. Thank you!

Update 2
I just got news that the back of Rico’s jaw is broken on BOTH sides. He was given medicine to sedate him, but he’s still fighting it and they are having trouble examining all the way and doing what’s necessary to support the jaw...

Update 3
Rico is back for now. They were only able to put a wire in his front jaw and put the muzzle around his nose to try and stabilize the broken back jaw until the surgery. Monday is the EARLIEST they can get him into surgery, so we’ll be taking him back up to Gainesville to get re-examined, speak with the specialty doctor’s, and figure out the path forward. He may not get the surgery Monday, but we’ll have more answers then. It’s sad to see him so uncomfortable and subdued.

Thank you again for your prayers, communications, and donations. This is a hard hit financially, and you all have helped alleviate part of that stress with your donations. So thank you! Please continue to share this. Thank you again! (Sorry, my mind is still all over the place right now and I may not be making’s a tough time right now). Thank you.

Update 4
We received some great news today, but also some bad news. The great news is Rico is still alive and well enough to stay alive! The doctors were really impressed with his demeanor and healing in just two short days. On Saturday, the doctors weren’t confident he would make it. He is now home and will hopefully be able to get ‘comfortable’ around here again. He’s back with his brother and sister who missed him a lot, but they need to be apart for a while.

The bad news is he is still in bad shape and it’s going to be a long road to recovery. We will be going to Gainesville weekly. However, we are so blessed that Rico will be with us! God has blessed us with his recovery so far and blessed us with you. Prayers do work, and we thank you for your support, donations, and prayers. Please keep them coming! Thank you so much!

Update 5
Great news from yesterday! We made the trip back up to Gainesville for Rico to get looked at again. The doctors seem to really love Rico and were happy to see him again. It looks like he’s making a better-than-expected recovery!

He still has a long way to go, but he is slowly getting his appetite and energy back. His jaw is looking better (still bad, but better) and the doctors are okay with not doing the surgery on him!

He will be on medicine and have the muzzle/cone on for quite some time. He will also have a huge change in diet and the work they’ve already done on his mouth (wires and other hardware) will have to stay in for a while. We are very happy that he is recovering better than expected and won’t need to undergo surgery! We are most grateful for him still being alive!

Side Note: We cannot thank you all enough for your support, prayers, and donations! We truly believe that the prayers have helped facilitate this better than expected healing. God is great, and your prayers are amazing! So thank you!

Thank you as well for your donations! Without them, we would not have been able to afford what has already happened with treatment. I would also like to mention that, although it has been used towards his medical bills, the funds were initially slated to go towards the surgery for Rico, which he no longer needs. So if anyone would like a refund of their donation, please let me know and I will get that back to you.

Because the title of this campaign is “Surgery Costs....” and he is able to now avoid the surgery, if you’d like the donation returned, we will understand with no hard feelings.

Again, we are grateful for your help and support, and very blessed to have friends and family like you! We are also extremely blessed and thankful that Rico is alive and recovering! Thank you again!

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