Sunday, March 4, 2018

Missouri: Owners bitten and unable to stop their three Pit Bulls when they attack and kill their fourth Pit Bull - which were all running loose in the neighborhood

MISSOURI -- A dog attacked by three other dogs has died. The city said all four of the dogs involved were pit bulls.

KC Pet Project took it in and tried to save it, but its wounds were too severe.

A man next door saw those three other dogs charging at it a little before noon on Friday.

He said the Pit Bull's owner came out to try and break up the fight, then his wife came out and tried to stop their Pit Bulls.  Both of them were bitten in the process.

KCTV5 News was there as animal control picked up the three dogs, which belonged to another neighbor.

They are still investigating what led up to the attack.

The neighbor who saw the attack said he didn't know what to do when it started.


He said he woke up to barks and growls coming from his backyard.

“I was worried if I went out to help, I'd put myself in harm or that my dog would get out and make it worse,” Eddie Castle said. “The only thing I could do is call my neighbor immediately and make sure things were okay and that cops were on their way."

Castle said that, eventually, the three dogs ran back to their house across the lot from his.


We spoke to the owner of the dog that was attacked off-camera. He has several small cuts and bite marks on his legs, but his wife needed stitches.

[In the video clip, the neighbor pointed to his thigh to show where the female owner of the Pit Bulls had been attacked, then held up his hands making a circle to show just how large the hole in her leg was]

He said he had never had a problem with those dogs before this morning.

Animal Control picked up the three dogs later in the day. They said KC Pet Project tried to rescue the dog that was attacked, but it later died.


KC Pet Project is keeping the other three dogs while the city looks into what led up to the attack.

John Baccala with Animal Control said that incidents like these can be prevented by fencing in animals or keeping them on a leash.

Castle said he's upset that his neighbors were injured.

"I think the neighborhood's frustrated by dogs running around loose," he said. "You have to worry about taking your dog out on a leash on any given day."

(KCTV5 - March 2, 2018)

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