Thursday, March 15, 2018

New Jersey: Boy attacked in the face by his Pit Bull; mother trying to find someone to go get the dog from the shelter so it won't be euthanized

NEW JERSEY -- Nita Gullsri posted on Facebook February 25, 2018 ·

Please help HAWKEYE, I am looking for any rescuer , trainer to take on my 3 year old pit bull mixed.

Last Sunday brandon and hawk were in the bed watching basketball game. Brandon was cheering the game and lean over it hug hawk while he was sleeping. He got startled and bit brandon on his face and required stitches.

Brandon is ok now but I can no longer keep Hawk. He can show aggression toward strangers. Hawk needs sometime to warm up with new people. Brandon’s father wants Hawkeye DEAD!!!

Right now hawk is at bloomfield animal shelter for the ten days quarantine. I have called and emailed so many places but no one is able to help us.
Please help me safe hawkeye.
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