Monday, April 2, 2018

California: While visiting family in Hawaii, man's Chihuahua mauled to death by Pit Bull

HAWAII -- Marco Anich posted on Facebook March 1, 2018 · Irvine, CA ·

Lost one of my dearest little brothers last night. Duke, you were a blessing to us on this earth, though our time together was short it was amazing and you brightened our hearts with every bark, wag, and (occasional) bite. My heart is sad, but I’m happy to know you are free, and that your spirit is chasing your favorite ball up there wherever you are. Until we meet again, brother. love you always. ๐Ÿ™ ❤️๐ŸŒ…

RIP little Duke

Marco Anich is with QueenLei Flower.
March 14 at 6:50pm · Kailua, HI ·

Blessed to have gone back home last week and spend time with the folks, a few friends, and of course my favorite Pughuahua, Li’i. Although it wasn’t on the best of terms (we are still mourning the loss of our beloved Chihuahua Duke who was killed by a pit bull on Ilimano Street in Kailua), seeing family and living Hawaii for a bit is always a blessing. Love you guys! Duke, aloha braddah..until we meet again soon!  ❤️

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