Thursday, April 5, 2018

Oklahoma: Woman uses taser on attacking Pit Bull, saving her English Bulldog's life

OKLAHOMA -- Karen Mccoy-hefner posted on Facebook March 22, 2018 · Holdenville, OK ·

I take my dog walking every evening. I have every since I moved here over a year ago. I carry a taser with me every evening. Well thank you Lord because tonight Spanky got attacked by a pit bull.

I saw this dog jump the fence, run across the street, I'm trying to get my taser out of my pocket. Just as I get it out he hits Spanky so hard he knocks him into the ditch.

Spanky is on his back and this dog has him by the neck and he's starting to shake his head back and forth. 

I start screaming and start tasing him. I [zapped] the Pit Bull maybe 3 or 4 times and he finally let's go and runs off. 

This scared the living daylights out of me y'all.


Oh Lord I thank you for giving me the sense to carry this taser with me, cause if I wouldn't have had it Spanky would either be dead or in the hospital and maybe me too who knows.

So thank God for watching over us and protecting us.

Tiffani Wood Howard - Omg so scary ! Did the pits people come out?

Karen Mccoy-hefner - Yes after it was over. And argued with me about how it wasn't their fault. It was just ridiculous

Tiffani Wood Howard And maybe you should get a dog stick too.

Karen Mccoy-hefner I wouldn't have gotten him to let go with a stick. That's why I'm saying thank God I had that taser.

I talked to em right after it happened for ten minutes and the lady owner denied that it was her fault. She said "I had him chained up. I can't help it if he broke his leash. That's not my fault."