Sunday, April 1, 2018

Rhode Island: Accused animal abuser Rachel Duarte (Rachel Gouveia) was allowed to keep a cat that she claimed was her son's therapy pet. Now she's claiming a seized dog is also his therapy pet

RHODE ISLAND -- Back in January, East Providence Animal Control seized dozens of animals from Rachel Duarte (Rachel Gouveia)'s 26 Floyd Avenue home, including 22 cats and 20 dogs. There has been no mention of her husband Bryan Duarte being charged as well even though he was also living in the residence.

Conditions at the house were so poor that the house was condemned on the spot by a building inspector.

Al Quattrucci, the city’s building inspector, said Duarte tried to attack him and police when he told her he was condemning the house, but an officer “picked her up and dropped her like a missile into the snowbank.”

Duarte pleaded not guilty to 17 counts of animal cruelty and 365 counts of operating as a breeder and pet shop without a license, which is one count for each day of 2017.

Now she's taking her case online, posting on a Facebook group known for having a rule which says no one is allowed to find fault with anyone charged with animal cruelty. In their world, (alleged and convicted) animal abusers are all innocent (or fault-free due to being 'overwhelmed') and are being railroaded by corrupt officials and law enforcement.  In the court of public opinion, this is who Duarte is appealing her case to. That says a lot.

Also, in an earlier article it was said that Duarte was allowed to keep one cat that she claimed was her autistic son's therapy pet.  Well now she's claiming that a dog is his actual therapy pet and she's wanting people to give her money in an effort to get it back.  What about the cat? Was she lying to police when she claimed it was a 'certified therapy animal'?

Check out all the amazing things she claims to have trained the dog to do including guarding the teen when he has an 'episode'. That will not end well if a situation occurs where police respond because this 6'1" teen is in a rage about something and this dog turns vicious; it will end up shot and killed. Of course to worry about this scenario, I'd have to believe she really trained this dog to do all of these things- which I don't.

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Help Bring Luna Sevice Dog Home
Created March 29, 2018
Rachel Gouveia

Meet Luna she is a Louisiana Catahula Leopard dog and she is very special. You see my 14 year old son is autistic and she is his service dog. I trained this dog to aide my child in going out into stressful public situations. Children with autism as many know are easily overwhelmed by the world around them.

Luna's tasks included physically blocking my son when he attempted to elope she acted as a living weighted support if he had an episodes she could block strangers from inadvertently stepping in meaning to help but making the anxiety much worst as well as her physical weight acting as a grounding weighted vest. She could sense his anxiety rising and would alert me and lean into him to provide support. She can help nudge him forward if he freezes and can not move dew to stress. She was ti start training in tracking as well to track his scent in the event he did elope so he could be quickly and safely found.

On January 12th our life was turned upside down our home raided with out a seizure warrent or search warrent. Our beloved pets ripped out of my husband and daughters arms. Many are still being held awaiting my trial. They are beloved pets with vet records that go all the way back to when they were babies. My own dog an adopted french bulldog is also there. They are the only 2 dogs we own both are spayed and up to date.

The loss of Luna has severely restricted my son being able to goto stores movies parks and such. I am trying to raise $3,500 to pay an additional lawyer to represent Luna and her friends so they may return home as soon as possible. My son needs his service dog back and he needs her back now!