Sunday, December 11, 2016

Arkansas: Two pit bulls and a Shepherd mix jumped fence and entered neighbor's doggie door where they CHASED, ATTACKED AND KILLED ALL THREE DOGS

ARKANSAS -- A shocking pit bull attack inside a Sherwood home leaves three dogs dead and animal control looking for answers.

According to the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office, the animals died after they were viciously attacked inside of a home.

Police say two pit bulls and a German Shepherd broke into the home through a doggy door, that's when they went after the three other dogs inside.

The homeowner says she, along with her son, came home to the horrific scene on Friday. The Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office says there was so much blood on the walls, furniture, and floor, that the home looked like a homicide scene.

The homeowner is heartbroken and says the animals that killed her dogs belonged to her next door neighbors. She now wants them to be held accountable.

Police are still searching for the pit bull in the middle

“All of them are dead. Bear died, he lost too much blood. They said his lungs were punctured and the little one didn’t have any marks on him, so they probably grabbed him and shook him and broke his neck. And scruffy the old dog, she was blind and couldn't see so well, she was mutilated,” said Tamberly McIntire.

Animal control removed one pit bull and the German Shepherd from McIntire’s neighbor’s home. The other pit bull in Friday’s incident is still on the loose.

Animal control plans to keep the animals they removed in order to determine if they are vicious and a threat to the neighborhood.


In the meantime, McIntire’s neighbors (the owners of the killer dogs) say they believe the dogs that were attacked originally came into their yard through a broken fence and their animals were trying to defend themselves, but they do offer their condolences to the McIntire family.

The Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office says this is the second dog attack in that area in the last two months.

Tamberly McIntire's Facebook post:
These three dogs killed my dogs. Brutally killed one of them inside my house. All three pit bulls were in my house when my son came home from school and walked in on them. They had come through the neighbor's fence and through our doggy door.

Once chased him back out of the house.... He saw bear bleeding and they had him surrounded. Will called my son in law Michael to help. The dogs were still inside the house. They had to lock one in a bedroom to try and get ahold of bear to help him. He called me and I was about 5 mins from the house. I walked in and the dogs were still in my back yard. Once of them was let out the front door because he was being so aggressive. Scuffy was blind and at least 11 yrs plus and Gizzy was a little senior dog too. There is no way that these two pushed into their fence. And the fact is they were in my house!

Bear was rushed to the vet where he passed. He was mauled to death. Scruffy was not recognizable, her face was gone. Gizzy appeared to killed quickly. You cannot own dogs like this and be irresponsible. They knew the dogs could jump the fence, they had electric wire around the top. With the breed a wood picket fence is not enough

Unbelievable! Look what I just came across! The very same dogs that killed mine! Posted by none other than the owner.By his own admission, he knew his dogs could jump over his fence! irresponsible owner.


(KATV - Dec 9, 2016)


  1. Pit bulls, creating nightmares wherever they are.

  2. I just come across this. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting this very in depth account of my families story together. Than you again!