Sunday, December 11, 2016

Canada: Labrador puppy attacked by loose pit bull at park. Denese Maharaj takes the opportunity to lecture everyone about pit bulls

CANADA -- I was just notified of a tragic event that took place at Heritage Park on Monday. A beautiful female white lab puppy was attacked by a tall brindle pit bull that came running out of the bushes at her. Female owner of pit bull appeared after attack was in progress.

Please be aware as unsure if this dog was picked up.

I frequent this park and it saddens me that this has happened.

Stay safe with your pets

Mark Davies A pit bull also attacked another dog a couple of weeks back (and came out of nowhere). Wonder if it's the same one.

Mark Davies I really hope this person got the information on the dog and person and a picture, and I hope their dog survives.

Davena Dyck My dog was attacked yesterday at Bateman park. Had to go in for emergency surgery.

Mark Davies Sorry to hear that :(

Sean Scudder What happened Davena??! :(

Davena Dyck Nothing really happened before hand. He had been there for a good 20 min playing around and Guinness walked up to sniff and Razor went crazy on my dog. The sewed up 4 holes that went right thru his ear flap, a tear on The bottom and 2 on the side of his face. He has lots of other marks on his ear that didn't go right thru. Vet said he probably has whiplash too. Said that the other dog was definitely wanting to rip his ear off.

Thelma Manning Does anyone know how the lab puppy is?

Peta Pemberton Unfortunately they had to rush away with their puppy so they were unable to get any info. However there were other people there we hope did. They were yelled at to grab their dogs due to this pit bull.
The info I received is the puppy had 1 surgery $1600 and is supposed to have more. I believe she was only 6 months old.

A similar brindle pit bull, unsure if it is the same one attacked a little dog causing damage as well. The owner got a $250 fine. I don't understand that at all.

Denese Maharaj Its likely not a 'Pit Bull'. APBT are not tall. Some sort of bully mix breed is likely. Or big brindle coat dog. I think I've met this baby lab. Sure hope shes okay with no long term effects. I'm sure the other dogs owner will be in hiding for awhile. But lets please not turn this into a 'pit bull' witch hunt. When it likely has no APBT in it.

Peta Pemberton I have friends and family who have owned pit bulls. This was a simple warning to watch out for this one dog and keep your loved ones safe. This was the description whether it was a true pit bull or not it is what to watch out for.

Denese Maharaj I truly appreciate that. As BSL surrounds us all it is so very important not to label a dog a pit bull. Because there are awful people that will take the comment and run with it.

Unfortunately there is a lady in Mission who has been to council to enforce breed restrictions (against 'Pit bulls') because of mislabeling. This is extremely scary for people who own bully breed dogs.

So rather than labeling a dog anything, a description like tall brindle coated dog with female owner is greatly appreciated. I understand your sentiment and the idea is for people to be aware of said dangerous dog so that another terrible episode doesn't happen.

I don't want to take away from the original purpose of the post. I would really just like for the general public to be aware of the mislabeling of 'Pit bulls' so that we can move away from a breed being bad instead of select dogs not being cared for properly by their people and causing big problems like this. I'm sure you can appreciate this. Because as BSL surrounds me and my family a seemingly innocent comment on social media that paints a 'pit bull' in bad light, thats meant to warn people, instead gives ammunition to the people that want to see my dog dead. Only because he belongs to the phenotype of the dog you're describing. Not because he's behaved in any negative way.

I'm sure you can appreciate my position. We all want to keep our good dogs safe. From whatever is trying to do them harm. Again I sure hope this young dog comes out of this unscathed. If anyone has updates it would be great to hear that puppy is going to be okay.