Sunday, December 11, 2016

California: Man whose dog was killed by two pit bulls back in October still grieves for her and wants the owner, who fled with his killer dogs, caught

CALIFORNIA -- On October third after my uncles funeral me and my beautiful dog molly went on an evening walk when we were attacked by two vicious pit bulls....

my baby was a brilliant well trained well traveled animal, loved nourished and cared for by many people around the world...

Please assist me in finding the man and 2 pit bulls that mauled my precious baby... she was killed gutted in my lap as I fought as hard as I could to save her... I never imagined I would ever hear my darling animal wailing in such agony.. the cries and sounds of pain ... the look on my animals face as she was leaving, haunt and torment my mind and my soul aches everyday..

they were accompanied by their owner who fled and would not help me .. he wouldn't even command them.. these were untrained animals. They would not respond to language nor the pain of my cry.. there were many people who witnessed this horrifying attack..

I have a link posted by my aunt lisa ruelas a federal Marshall who is also working on this. I can't give up.. and am begging for help from any one that can publish or expose this unforgettable event.. "dogs that kill dogs kill people"...

they also killed 2 cats on the same street.. please respond..


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