Sunday, December 11, 2016

California: Woman recovering from surgery gets a phone call that her mom and her two little dogs were attacked by a pit bull. One of the dogs died and the other might need its leg amputated

CALIFORNIA -- so I am at home recovering from surgery and get a phone call from my mom to meet her at the vet. She was walking her 2 dogs and was attacked by a pit bull. Killed one of her dogs and the other is in surgery losing a leg. F+++ up day :-( be careful when walking your dogs.....

Tambi Jackson Animal control has the dog, but do not know who owners are yet. Mom is ok, few scrapes and scratches. She spent the night with us and has been crying nonstop. We are caring for Sam after surgery with loss of leg. So traumatic. Thank god 3 men were trying to help but the pit bull kept getting away from them to attack.