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Florida: Divided opinions regarding cats that were contained in homemade pet crates and left at local shelter

FLORIDA -- Early Wednesday morning, someone dropped off - abandoned, really - 25 cats in about a dozen laundry baskets (taped to look like cages - check the photo) at Nassau County Animal Services.

Whoever dropped the cats off did not tell animal services they were coming or that they'd be giving up the cats. From the social posts by both the Nassau Humane Society and the animal services page - neither shelter's staffs are very pleased.


"To whomever dumped these 25 cats out front at 3:10 am. Next time would you maybe call us and ask for help? Ps. Thanks for the laundry baskets," animal services wrote on their Facebook.

Some readers left comments saying it was animal cruelty to have abandoned these cats in the middle of the night. One person said it was irresponsible to get 25 cats and that the person should never be allowed to have animals again.

Other people posted and said whenever you all the shelter, they always say they're full and are not accepting any animals - and that the person who dropped them off went to the trouble of going to the Dollar Store and purchasing brand new laundry baskets and zip ties to make homemade crates for the cats - rather than simply dumping them out onto the side of the road to run off and maybe get hit by a car, starve or be attacked by animals. 

I tend to agree with those who say it's better than being dumped and left to fend for themselves. No, it's not ideal - but at least they didn't squish 25 cats into one kennel and leave them in a park, which was done with some small dogs back in  2012 "Police identify suspects in 30-dog dumping case"

California: Man and two women, driving a
Mercedes, dump two pet crates full of dogs
at park and drive away

Ohio: Breeder Trixxe McCowin abandoned 
three sick Persian cats inside a crate at a 
restaurant parking lot and drove away 

Maybe they should set up something at the shelter so that you can anonymously leave an animal or at least have a way to anonymously notify them that they're leaving an animal there? 

Consider that they have "newborn drop off" locations where someone can leave a baby at certain locations - no questions asked. These places were created due to women abandoning (or killing) babies that they didn't want anyone to know that they'd had. 

Canada: Charges possible in Thunder Bay cat
and kitten abandonment case

Some may say the person shouldn't "get away" with leaving a starving or mange-covered dog there, but would you rather the dog stay hidden away at someone's house and left to suffer and die because the owner knows they'll be arrested if they take it to the shelter? 

I don't know that that's always the answer - or if that's even an answer, but there's got to be some kind of solution that will protect the animals and get them out of cruelty situations. 

Michigan: Jogger in park finds box full of
19 abandoned pit bull mix puppies in
urine-soaked cardboard box


Melissa Titone - So, I don't think it's OK to do this, BUT - to say "maybe call us and ask for help".... has anybody ever had a cat problem or had to give one up and called a shelter? You know what they do? Nothing. No one takes cats! So had this person called, what would you have said to them? I'll tell you. "Sorry we're full" "sorry we're not currently taking cats"

Elena Louvros - You said it. I've done exactly that, several times in the past and was told that---sorry we're full. Try to do the right thing and get shot down.

Alicia Anne - IF THEY WOULD OF CALLED U THEY WOULD BE TURNED AWAY !! like every other shelter does, says they are "full" .. its a shelter right ?!! they did right by leaving them there instead of in garbage bags by a dumpster like what some people do.

Samantha Coleman - Wow and This is why we have people who rather dump animals on the side of the road, all to avoid being Internet shamed such as this. They clearly took the time to make sure the cats were secure and at a safe place. I don't feel like a horrible person would have taken the time to put such concern into it ...

Ariana Carvalho - It's very sad that people have so many cats and can't take proper care of them. It's very sad that they were dumped like that.
I hope that you take care of them and find good homes. I believe that who did this should be punished to not have animals anymore.

Anne Shore - Prob someone passed and had all these, sad, glad they will have a chance and not left to die

Betty-ann Brown - Really that's gotta be the cruelest thing are they doing

Cindy Fleming Kelleher - Well, at least they didn't dump them somewhere where they might die.

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Each of the animals will be checked by a veterinarian and given any medical care they need.

Animal services is giving 10 cats to the humane society and both organizations will work to find homes for the animals. Both shelters are 'no kill' shelters, meaning they will not euthanize the animals if they aren't adopted in a certain amount of time.

To see the animals currently up for adoption, you can head to either location - the humane society is at 639 Airport Rd, Fernandina Beach, FL and animal services is at 86078 License Rd, Fernandina Beach, FL.

(First Coast news - Dec 28, 2016)

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