Friday, December 9, 2016

Georgia: Family sets up medical fund for little boy mauled by his great-grandma's pit bull

GEORGIA -- Original story: Police and firefighters described a scene of bloody carnage when they arrived at Rutha Mae Hunter’s address at 2525 Tara Lane Apartment 246 at 7:24 a.m. on Thanksgiving eve. But Rhino would not relent, withstanding taser shots and pepper spray and turning hostile toward the police and firefighters.

Hunter has owned Rhino since he was six weeks old, according to county records.

The dog stood over a bloodied Hunter, who was lying on the floor and “hysterically yelling, ‘shoot it, shoot it!’” according to the Brunswick police report.

Camarion was mauled extensively, undergoing plastic surgery for “numerous bites and lacerations to his face.” He received staples to close gashes in his head.

Facebook post:
Ain't too many family carrying my last name... he was attacked by a pit bull and it ripped his face apart y'all please lend what you can our family will really appreciate it


Camarion Spradley was viciously attack by a pit bull dog. He suffered major injuries and excruciating pain. The road to recovery will be a long one due not only to the physcial scares but also the mental scares that will only heal with the proper care by trained professionals.

We ask that you find it in your heart to contribute to the healing process that can, in time, make this a distant faint memory and not a replay of a nightmare. Let Camarion know that you stand with him in his recovery by showing support...Love is seeing the need and meeting it.

Thank You,
Help spread the word!

GoFundMe link: Camarion's Medical Recovery

We're having a fundraiser for my camrion spradley who was eaten by a vicious pit bull. He is going to have plastic surgery and counseling so we need everybody to participate and we thank you for you donations to give him back a normal life. So please donate so go to camrion spradley @ Thank you.


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