Friday, December 9, 2016

United Kingdom: Woman's dog attacked by a pit bull while visiting cemetery

UNITED KINGDOM -- *Does anyone know or can help me?* Our dog was attacked by a white pit bull / staffordshire dog in Dalton cemetery 11am this morning? Need to find the owner as Ellie is injured! Someone must know something! *please share and help us out*

Charlotte Grace Millis -  😭 oh no!!! Hope she's ok babe! Xx

Katie Brown - Oh no poor Ellie!! Hope you find the owner! ❤

Karen Miller - Oh no! My dog was attacked by a white pit bull in the cemetery (which was off the lead and mine wasn't)! But it was around this time last year x guy just appeared out of the trees and ran off with the dog and never even said sorry!

Ang Dalton - Ellie was on her lead and the woman was at a grave with her foot on the dog's lead, when it set off for Ellie she screamed at Jess to pick ellie up but it was on her before she knew it, I'm bloody furious as she said it doesn't like other dogs.. put a muzzle on springs to mind 😠

Pamela Dytam - What did the lady look like ang ? How old etc will keep eye open for her xx hope Ellie ok

Ang Dalton - Glasses, dark blonde bob and maybe late 40's..thanks..x

Linda Fallows - I saw a woman with one this morning, I was walking back into Dalton, she was on the other side of the road by the car sales place and really struggled to keep it under control, it was having a good go at my two but I just kept mine calm and kept going, if she hadn't managed to keep it on the lead it would have been nasty, bet it was the same dog x

Jess Dalton - Did she have another dog as well? She couldn't control the dog clearly. It needed a muzzle on it. The fact she told us it was okay and then it attacked Ellie! Then she told us it didn't like dogs afterwards. I'm so annoyed with her.

Chris Coward - My Patch was attacked 3 weeks ago by one at a day care center, nearly killed him and he still cant walk or function properly. Staffies need to be on the dangerous dog list, leashed and muzzled.

They're not 'nanny dogs' they're a public bloody danger. I hope your dogs ok and you find the staffie. You might want to google the dangerous Dog act and the 'old' dog act, or 'dogs out of control' the latter is civil law.

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