Saturday, December 17, 2016

Mississippi: Cat named Thompson dies after being shot by neighbors

MISSISSIPPI -- Shimkus Wayne posted on Facebook · Leland, MS ·

Neighbors shot my cat last night. Thompson came home limping and we thought it was a broke leg. Took him to the vet this morning. Had to put him down.

Shimkus Wayne - R.i.p Tomcat Thompson

McKenna Zach - Why was your cat shot

Brad Percifull - Wth man why they shoot it?

Shimkus Wayne - Shooting squirrels.


Brad Percifull - Dang man that sucks. Im really sorry.

Shimkus Wayne - Best cat ever.

McKenna Zach - Rip Thompson

Gina Marie Rivera - People really suck.

Melissa Adams-Walker - That's so sad! Retaliate

Kreccia Jones - Poor thing, people can be so hurtful 😢

Brooke Boyd-Golden - Find out who it was. We will put him on blast.

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