Friday, December 2, 2016

New York: Woman who was attacked by her boyfriend's pit bull had to have her arm amputated

Update: Another article is saying no, she did not get her arm amputated - but she may lose the use of her arm. 

NEW YORK -- The victim in a dog mauling attack in Rochester has now lost her arm.

News10NBC is told Mariah Schaffer had to have her arm amputated. She is still in critical condition at Strong Memorial Hospital.

Mariah Schaffer's father says Mariah has two children: a 15-year-old boy and an 11-year-old daughter. They have lived with their grandfather since birth.

Mark Schaffer says the daughter's father is Jamie Cruz: the owner of the dog that police say attacked Mariah Schaffer.

Mark Schaffer says Mariah and Cruz had an on and off relationship.

Jamie Cruz with the pit bull which attacked Mariah

Schaffer says only Mariah's son has been told what happened to his mother. The attack happened around 1 a.m. Wednesday morning. Police found the dog on top of Mariah on the sidewalk outside the home. They shot the dog dead; one bullet hit Jamie Cruz. Some of the bullets went through the front window.

We went onto the porch of the house but no one was home.

"The dog's over here, I think, toward the lower end of her, mauling on her," says Lou Crocitti.

Crocitti said Mariah was by this pile of leaves, so
exhausted that she wasn't even struggling or screaming
any longer while the pit bull was "chewing on her"

Lou Crocitti lives across the street and had grabbed a baseball bat and ran to try to save Mariah while she was being attacked. We told him about her amputation Thursday.

Berkeley Brean: "Lou, just your reaction to Mariah having one of her arms amputated because of what happened."

Crocitti: "Ah, it's a tragedy. It's very sad, sad thing to hear. Yesterday, when that happened, she was just -- had the fight knocked out of her."

"The mother told me that James was talking and that the girl was pretty critical at the time," says Crocitti.

How did the attack start? That's something that still isn't quite clear.

Brean: "Did she explain how the attack happened?"

Crocitti: "She told me that the dog, that the dog was, that the girl may have been gone and I think they may have taken the dog out from what I understand."

He adds, "I believe she said when the girl came back, the dog came out and attacked her. But again I could be wrong on some of it because she was a little upset."

(WHEC - Dec 1, 2016)


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