Friday, December 30, 2016

Virginia: Breeder Gretchen Post, 72, loses custody of 11 dogs amid claims she was selling "parvo puppies".

VIRGINIA -- A Louisa County dog breeder has lost custody of 11 dogs, 10 of them still puppies.  Animal control officers said they found the dogs in filthy conditions.

The case goes back to mid-December when animal control arrived on Thacker Road property to find multiple Miniature Pinschers suffering from symptoms of the deadly parvovirus.

The responding officer said there were two dead puppies in shopping bags. A third puppy was on the brink of death.

“I was doing the right thing,” said longtime dog breeder Gretchen Post, 72, on the defense Tuesday morning at Louisa General District Court.  “It is a violation of my civil rights; it’s age discrimination.”

The commonwealth’s attorney said the woman failed to get her dogs the urgent medical care they needed.

On December 17, animal control took seven puppies from her property, plus a two-year-old mother and her litter of three. All of the animals tested positive for parvo.


“It’s very contagious. It’s deadly, a very painful death for the puppies,” said Susan Levi, president of the Animal Care Assistance Program.

Officers said they found feces and urine covering the floor, blankets and bedding inside the house. Post told the court she is capable of treating her own animals at home.

“I think a lot of people don’t think they’re doing anything wrong,” said Levi. “I think that’s the case here.”


This is the second complaint against Post in six weeks. She was found guilty of animal cruelty charges after sick puppies were found on her property in early November.

“We’re happy that Animal Control is taking the steps needed to get this under control,” Levi said, telling 8News she believes there is widespread animal cruelty and neglect going unreported in the county.

Levi said she is relieved to see the animals taken out of Post’s care. “It’s great; it’s less suffering for the animals.”

Post has already appealed the court’s decision Tuesday, as she’s done with complaints filed in November and July.

(WRIC - Dec 27, 2016)



  1. She is currently still selling Dogs and Puppies on Facebook AT THIS MINUTE. A lady by the name of Philphot in Petersburg, Virginia is also helping her sell some unethically bred Merle x Merle puppies also along with a litter of puppies which genetically defective puppies were born in.

  2. She is now selling Puppies under the name of River Miniature Pinschers out of Lake Anna, VA.
    She has them listed on under that name and somebody named Charles has already posted a Review telling of her conviction.

  3. Is there any update on her convictions? I was just told she is still selling puppies for $75.00 now with NO SHOTS!