Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Florida: Chinese Crested named Sandy has his trachea ripped when a pit bull grabbed him by the throat

FLORIDA --  Dianne Elizabeth Costa shared I Love Veterinary Medicine's photo.
December 21, 2016 ·

My dog Sandy  [a Chinese Crested Powder Puff] was attacked by a pit bull Sunday evening while out for a walk, a pet owners worst nightmare! Surgery to repair a torn trachea, he is home on the mends. Love my Sandy boy so much!💕🐶💕

Judith Ann Ebbert - Sad to hear about that! Too bad we have to worry about unleashed dogs. I stopped taking mine to dog parks when I read about deadly pranks by sickos in that domain, and I rarely if ever do leash walks mainly because of risk of unleashed dogs. And they have about half an acre of securely fenced yard to run and play in, accessible via a dog door that's locks the pack safely inside at night.

Dianne Elizabeth Costa - Both dogs were leashed, owners exchanged pleasantries about one another's dogs being friendly... then their dog attacked our dog for 3-4 minutes. I'm screaming as loud as I can for help. The other dogs owners could not gain control of their dog, finally after punching their dog on the head several times, their dog let go. Our dog acted instinctively and turned and bit both of us, resulting in a 3 hour trip to the ER 11pm - 2am☹

Judith Ann Ebbert - Dianne Elizabeth Costa that is just awful. I know there are very nice pit bulls, but there is a "bully" trait in many. Years ago, when I was renting an apartment in an old Philadelphia mansion, a pitbull ran into the yard straight at us. I picked up my little guy and was dressed for work--the pit kept jumping up at my little guy's face, never losing eye contact with my terrier mix, while I kept holding him and circling in one spot. The owner lazily came over to us (by this time I'm covered with muddy pawprints) and said "She just wants to play." Unbelievable how some people perceive play behavior. I would probably never rescue one for that reason and another encounter with a pit puppy that just would NOT leave my labs alone at a dog park.

Carol Lee Ashline - OMG Dianne, my 14 year old cocker (who I was walking on a leash) was attacked by a pit bull back in Oct and it was purely horrifying, luckily my old man has giant warts on his neck and the pitbull latched on to one of those so it probably saved him. I'm so sorry for your Sandy and I'm glad he's ok, but I certainly know what you have been through. xo

Dianne Elizabeth Costa Thank you Carol, the exact thing she happened to my Pom 4.5 years ago, reliving it all over again freaked me out!!😔you feel so helpless. I also feel like I let my dog down by not protecting him😞. That's the amazing thing about pets, their unconditional love is endless😘