Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Florida: "Please pray for me everyone cause I am scared, worried, angry, and in lots of pain"

FLORIDA -- Jason Heck added 3 new photos — feeling scared at Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center. January 11, 2017 at 7:42pm · Panama City, FL ·

I just arrived by ambulance to Gulf Coast Medical Center, after I was walking  ๐Ÿšถ on my way home ๐Ÿก from the trolley ๐Ÿš‹ stop at Gulf Coast State College I was attacked by two dogs ๐Ÿถ one was a pit bull and the other was a black dog not sure if it was a pit bull

After I was attacked the first time the same two dogs tried attacking me the second time after I called 911.

Luckily some girls from Gulf Coast State College came to my aid, and when they came to my aid the girls had to fight the pit bulls off because they were coming to attack me a third time.

After they fought the dogs away from me, the owner of the pit bull and the black dog came hurried and got them in his truck and just sped off without asking me if I was okay or showing any papers.

Thank goodness the police ๐Ÿšจ finally came along with the ambulance. They are currently getting animal control after their dogs and also trying to find the owner. I am pressing charges for what has happened and I found out that the pitbull and the black dog have not had rabies shots.

So please pray for me everyone cause I am scared, worried, angry, and in lots of pain.


Jason Heck was feeling furious. January 12, 2017 at 11:37am ·

UPDATE: Well everyone I was discharged from Gulf Coast Medical Center around 8:30 last night. The doctor ordered me a tetanus shot, antibiotics, and pain medication as well. He also said that there was damage to my leg but no fractures were found or any signs of any teeth in the wound itself.

Plus he told me that I am going to have to go through 12 series of post-exposure rabies shots so that I can be protected.

I am having a very hard time walking with my left leg and it hurts when I put pressure on it. I slept okay last night but woke up at 4:00 this morning with severe pain and could not go back to sleep at all.

I have contacted a primary care physician to follow up with about my leg and I have already contacted a law firm to help me with my case concerning this issue.

Plus animal control called me today and informed me that they are doing a 10-Day Quarantine but after the ten days are over they are going to release the pit bull back to the owner. 

So what do you guys think I should continue to do in order to make sure someone else does not get attacked by this animal again? Do you think I should go to the media about this?

Cynthia Plaisted - Jason, no one wants to cause trouble for someone else. But the thing is this could very easily have been a child to get hurt. You can help. Tell the media and let them handle the rest. The owners need to be held responsible. It's not a question of should they. When you have animals you are responsible. don't say anything and someone else gets do you feel then? God bless you and make you strong.

Sonja Lundelius - I would! Those dogs are obviously a menace. I was a Vet Tech for six years, but any dog that behaves aggressively toward someone for no reason at all, does NOT need to be out. Ever. Those dogs should probably be put down before they kill someone's child or another person's pet!

Cindy Lee Williamson - The media will perpetuate bad publicity for the breed of pit bulls, in general. Do you want to be responsible for the continuation of uneducated opinion that "all pit bulls are dangerous"? If not, don't go to the media - Get a lawyer; Handle it in private.

Benjamin Kelley - Yes yes yes go to the media. This will happen again.


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