Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Pennsylvania: "Tonight while walking my small very well behaved dog we were attacked by a Pit bull."

PENNSYLVANIA -- Louis Cunningham posted on Facebook January 7, 2017

If you own a dog please be a responsible owner.

Tonight while walking my small very well behaved dog we were attacked by a Pit bull.

The fact it was a pit is here nor there however the fact the dog was out with his owner in the backyard with no lights on is. The fact the yards fence is not tall enough to keep the aggressive dog inside is. She was scooped up before too much damage could be done but her tail is either broken or dislocated from the incident. There is no reason to not have a leash and collar on a dog that is aggressive. My dog wasn't even aware of the other dog until it was on us. She did nothing to provoke the other animal at all.

We will be taking her to the vet tomorrow and then heading to the owners home to discuss how they would like to handle the bills for her care.

Jami Sroka - Should've immediately called the police. If it wasn't controlled they can be fined

Louis Cunningham - I dont care about them being fined. Just would make it more difficult to get them to pay the vet bill.

Chris Locke - Just saying but that's a sticky situation for the dog can get put down for an attack and where it wasn't a deadly attack that would be an unfair punishment

Jami Sroka - If it's the dog's first attack they will ask if you want the animal put down. I was attacked by a dog. My mother (I was 16) called the cops. I sobbed at them not to hurt the dog. The guy produced a rabies tag and it was fine. Did he show you proof of a rabies vaccine?

Louis Cunningham - There was no conversation. Once his dog was finally under control it was brought in. Her sweater was pulled off and she was shivering. I didn't want to keep her out any longer than was needed. Once home and examined she has no cuts or scratches. Just her tail pulled straight so it no longer is curled. Every few steps she takes she turns and bites at the base of her tail. I will go and see the people when I have something to discuss.

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