Friday, January 27, 2017

Florida: Woman runs out to protect kid from Bull Mastiff, gets attacked herself. Tells police the kid was playing with a Taser

FLORIDA -- A Jacksonville woman is shaken and recovering after a dog attack.

"We noticed there was blood running down her leg and everybody else came to be just driving by, so I stopped, got out of my car in the middle of the road and ran over to her where I saw that the dog had taken a huge chunk out of her leg,” Fellisha McLean, who stopped to help the victim, said. “It was pretty horrible."

The victim, Jean Jewell, saw her tenant's dog from next door trying to attack a child, so she stepped in.

"She kept that from happening and got attacked herself," says McLean.

The child helped McLean tend to the woman's wound.

The only photo accompanying the article.

"The child gave me his shirt and his bandanna around his head to put as a tourniquet around her leg," says McLean.

While her daughter-in-law called 911, her son kept the angry Bull mastiff mix at bay.

"It was just growling at us, barking at us like it was going to bite us," says John McLean, Fellisha McLean’s son.

Once police and animal control made it to her home, Jewell told an officer the child had a taser, and the dog was agitated.

The victim’s son, Leonard Carmen, says she's doing alright. He wasn't surprised his mother, a former dog groomer in her 70s, took action.

"She's not going to let anybody get bit by a dog and just watch that happen,” says Carmen. “She's certainly not going to do that."

Mclean says she thinks the dog was just defending its property.

The dog is in the custody of Jacksonville Animal Control. We’re told this is the first time it has bitten anyone.

The City of Jacksonville has a breed restriction on Pit Bulls, American bulldogs, Staffordshire Pit Bull Terriers and Stafford Pit Bull Terriers. Additionally, according to Jacksonville Animal Control, any dog that looks like any of those breeds is also banned.

In this case, since the dog resembles those breeds, it will not be able to stay in the city.

OK, what about this "kid" being in possession of taser and possibly provoking the dog???

(KATV - Jan 25, 2017)

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