Friday, January 27, 2017

Oklahoma: Pit bulls invade fenced yard, attack and kill two dogs

OKLAHOMA? -- Abigail Johnson‎ posted to Our Pets Were Attacked By Pit Bulls - BSL NOW Facebook on January 25, 2017

My best friend that I've had 11 years (as far back as I remember) was brutally murdered by 2 pit bulls while I was at school yesterday.

Two of them broke into our back yard and killed mine and another neighbors dog. It was my neighbors dogs. We caught it all on our security tapes and are taking it to court.

He was the sweetest dog I've ever known and my house feels empty. I used to be an advocate for pit bulls until now. I cannot stand them. I have played with these very ones before and they were kind to me, but in the video, they were smiling and wagging their tails. Pit bulls feed on killing our loved ones. 💔 yesterday was a rough day for my family.

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