Saturday, January 7, 2017

Georgia: Even after her 5-year-old daughter was mauled by 3 pit bulls, her mother says we should blame the deed and not the breed

GEORGIA -- A Crawford County mother is speaking out for the first time after pit bulls attacked her 5-year-old daughter, leaving her in serious condition.

The 3 pit bulls mauled Destiny Rolison Tuesday afternoon after coming through the fence.

“One attacked, when the one got her, the other two joined in,” Rachel Rolison said.

Her stepmother rushed toward Destiny, hitting the dogs with a Mountain Dew bottle to get them off her. Then she rushed Destiny to the hospital.

“She went through two hours of surgery,” Rolison said. “She has probably 20 drains and I have no idea how many stitches. Thankfully, it was only minor to her face.”

Destiny's grown up around animals, and her family even has a pit bull of their own, Zoey.

“That’s actually the first thing that she asked for when we got home is if I would bring Zoey, so that she could see her,” Rolison said. “She slept in the bed with her all night. I mean, she absolutely loves our dog.”

To Rolison, it's not the pit bull breed that's dangerous, but how they're raised.

“You have to socialize them. Socialization is the most crucial part for this particular breed, and because of how they are bred and their bone structure and how strong they are,” Rolison said,  “It’s like a gun -- if there’s wrong hands, they are deadly.”

She's just thankful her daughters still here.

“That’s all I could think about was, 'As long as she’s alive, that’s all that matters,'” Rolison said.

Destiny is undergoing precautionary rabies treatment after the attack.

When the dogs' owner, Carl Durden, learned what happened, Rolison says he shot the dogs.

Sheriff Lewis Walker says they're still investigating the case.

(WMAZ - Jan 5, 2017)


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