Saturday, January 14, 2017

Ohio: Despite being told she is in possession of stolen property and that Angelo Sullo has been charged with theft, Christina Grapo refuses to return Bloodhound that belongs to army private

OHIO -- A local family who now has a dog that is at the center of a criminal charge of petty theft tells Fox 8 that they believe an Army private gave up rights to the dog.

Christina Grapo said her family adopted Buck and adores the Bloodhound.

"We fully believe that Buck was knowingly and willingly relinquished by his previous owner due to the fact that she could no longer care for him, and we are confident that the truth will be proven in court," Grapo told Fox 8.

"Buck has become a very important part of our family and we are hopeful that he will get to stay right where he is. He is happy and healthy and we will give him a safe and loving home for as long as he remains with us."

She also provided pictures of the dog.

Has Christina Grapo ever bothered to speak with Army Private Katelyn Gallagher or is she simply taking the word of Angelo Sullo, who either sold her the dog or gave it to her? Sullo has been charged with theft and she had better return the stolen property or she is facing charges as well. 

Even if she believed Sullo at the time, she now knows it was all a lie. You cannot keep stolen property. If she did pay Sullo for the dog, she needs to return the stolen property and go after him to get her money back.

Army Private Katelyn Gallagher filed a police report in December saying she left Buck with a family friend when she went for military training at the end of May. She said when she returned home for leave, Angelo Sullo, the man she left Buck with, told her he gave the dog away.


Sullo has plead not guilty to a misdemeanor petty theft charge in Cleveland Municipal Court, saying the matter is a misunderstanding and he expects to be vindicated.

Gallagher said she has had Buck since he was a puppy and wants him back.


(Fox8- Jan 14, 2017)