Saturday, January 7, 2017

Tennessee: Jody Raticoff Fisher complains that media shouldn't tell us it was a pit bull that attacked a teen. Meanwhile pit bull owner Teresa Briggs wants to warn us of vicious Golden Retrievers

TENNESSEE -- Jody Raticoff Fisher complained to WREG regarding an article they posted about a stray pit bull that mauled a 13-year-old boy

Fisher complained that WREG should NOT have said what kind of dog it was that attacked the teen. 

Jody Raticoff Fisher‎ posted to WREG News Channel 3 on Facebook - I am rather disappointed in your reporting of the 13 year old boy that was attacked by a dog- but you had to make sure you reported it as a pit bull. Why do you find it necessary to name the breed? You are just adding to the public's misconception of this wonderful breed. I bet if it had been a lab or chihuahua- you would have just said "a dog," or probably would not have even reported it.

Here's more from Jody Raticoff Fisher:

In response to Fisher's comment, Briggs advised us of vicious Golden Retrievers that are disemboweling other animals:

Teresa Briggs - I have a Pit mix that is wonderful and just wants to lick you. On the other hand, my neighbors Golden Retriever attacked a dog and tore his stomach out.