Thursday, February 2, 2017

North Carolina: Chihuahua dies after pit bull attack

NORTH CAROLINA -- Sally Black shared Kristina Black's post on Facebook
January 27, 2017

My baby passed. I am brokenhearted. It is so unfair. Thank you everyone for prayers and donations. I tried to save her but she didn't make it. Dr. Garrett is the best Dr. He tried his best to save her for me and genuinely cared about my little baby. Please people if you have aggressive dogs. Don't let them run loose. Be responsible and take care of them. I took my little dog out to go to the bathroom on a leash across the street and my little dog was protecting me. And she was attacked by a pit bull.

Not all pit bulls are mean. My friend Christine Pressley has sweet ones that would not hurt anybody. But the ones people don't take of and keep pinned up all day are. Don't get drunk and irresponsible and let them go free. My little Bella didn't deserve to die she was 7 years old and should of grew old with me. Rest in peace sweet Bella I will alway love you.??