Monday, March 27, 2017

Michigan: Pit bulls maul woman and her Labrador; husband shoots and kills one, other is quarantined

MICHIGAN -- A 73-year-old Woodhaven woman remains hospitalized after two pit bulls went into attack mode while she was walking her Labrador retriever near her house on Foxcroft Street just before noon Wednesday.

Police confirmed that the pit bulls first attacked the woman’s Labrador, and then turned on her when she tried to pull them away from her dog.

The woman’s husband, who is a retired police officer, was approaching the house when he heard his wife screaming.

According to police, the man pulled his gun and shot one of the pit bulls twice, but the dog still would not let his wife go.

The man had to use a landscape brick to break the dog away from his wife. The dog later died of its injuries.

Police said the other dog backed off and was captured and quarantined.

The woman suffered gashes and about 40 puncture wounds, mostly to her hands and arms.

Although the Labrador is at home, the dog, named Mallie, was treated at a veterinary hospital for multiple wounds.

There is no word on any potential charges in the case.

It is believed the owner of the dogs did not know they were out of the house until after the attack.

The husband told police it was fortunate he came home when he did because his wife might have been killed. He said he did what he had to do to save his wife.

(The News Herald - March 3, 2017)