Monday, April 10, 2017

Georgia: Lynn Chinni and her husband Chris Chinni have been charged with animal cruelty after nearly 100 animals removed from filthy home

GEORGIA -- Dozens of pets found living in deplorable conditions. One day later, their owners are charged with three counts of animal cruelty.

News 3 was the only station there when they were arrested. he talked to deputies and the couple about the accusations.

“You think you should be arrested?”

“Nope,” said Lynn Chinni.


But Lynn Chinni was arrested, and so was her husband Chris.

"My family's been targeted by the Sheriff's Office," said Chris Chinni

When asked about all the urine and feces all over the floors, Chris Chinni said, "That's because she didn't have time to clean it up yet"
Both now facing charges of animal cruelty.

“When we entered the residence we went in, there was feces urine everywhere in the house. It was as bad of a house as I've ever seen,” explained Cpl Tommy Williams of the Effingham County Sheriff’s Office.

Inside that house, 97 different dogs, cats and guinea pigs.

“There was an adult St Bernard there that had lesions on all four of his legs,” said Cpl Williams. “One was to the point it had pus coming out of it. Some of the others were skinny, full bellies which is a sign of worms. Some of the other animals appeared to have mange.”

Lynn Chinni said she knows there were a lot of animals, but she has a good reason.

“I do a rescue and i have PTSD im a disabled veteran and they help me deal with a lot of stuff. My next door neighbor’s been helping me re-home them and that’s simply what i’ve been trying to do,” said Lynn Chinni.

“My family has been targeted from the Sheriff’s office,” said Chris Chinni.

That’s just part of what Chris Chinni had to say as he was being put in handcuffs by Effingham County Sheriff’s.

“97 animals is a new one to me because I just had 3 mamas that just had puppies at one time and my wife has been working with rescue units to get rid of those,” explained Chinni.


“Ok so its 70 animals. that’s still a lot of animals.”

“I'm not going to deny that. But as far as animal cruelty goes, no.”

“what about the fact there’s feces all in the house?”

“That’s because when they came to the house yesterday she didn’t even have a chance to clean up the house yet.”

“You say the environment those animals were in was ok.”

“I’ll tell you what,” said a defiant Chinni. “You can walk into my house any other time and there’s not a problem period. My wife takes very good care.”

“We just went to court not that long ago and it was tossed out. And here they are terrorizing my family.”

“He was cited in January for no proof of rabies and keeping of animals,” responded Williams. They were fined in Magistrate Court and are currently making payments on fines now. Those charges were not dropped.”

Since the Chinni’s were cited in January, investigators say the number of animals inside their home has doubled.

“I’ve been in his house three times,” said Cpl Williams. “The three times I’ve been in his residence its been in the same condition it was in yesterday.”

“We have since found out that Coastal Harbor Pet Rescue has reached out to them, to try to help them to take some of them,” explained the Corporal. “Because it has been a commonly known problem here.”


The couple’s teenage daughter was also taken by the Department of Family and Children Services, and they could face cruelty to children charges.

The animals are at the Effingham County shelter to determine if they are healthy and able to be adopted.

“These animals they are just like kids, they do not have any means of fending for themselves,” said Williams. “They have to depend on their owners for food water shelter. They are dependent at whoever owns them. Our way at looking at this is if you own an animal, you are going to have an animal, its just like a child, take care of it.”

Petition Lynn Chinni demanding the local shelter become "no kill"
"I currently do rescues at my place of residency and if I can't adopt any of the fur babies out, they are forever at home right where they are"

Make Effingham County, GA Animal Shelter No-Kill
Lynn Chinni Guyton, GA

Hello everyone. I am a PTSD suffering, disabled veteran living in Effingham County, GA. The local animal shelter for our county is currently a kill shelter and I would like to put a complete and full stop to this even if I have to dedicate my own time and resources to do so. Animals are matter their condition, shape, size, and/or any other condition they may have or suffer from. They are loveable just the same. They can be adopted out if the time is taken and the right resources are given.

Will you be the chance they deserve? Are you willing to sign their life away or sign a petition to make our shelter a non-kill shelter so that all animals are given a chance for a forever loving home? A week is not enough to find a good home...sometimes it takes longer for the right fit to be found....can we all please give them more of a chance than what they have now? I'm willing to do so, are you?!?

I currently do rescues at my place of residency and if I can't adopt any of the fur babies out, they are forever at home right where they are. Please help me keep this in place and to change our shelter to a no kill shelter.

Your support is greatly appreciated!

(WSAV - April 5, 2017)