Monday, April 10, 2017

South Africa: Pit bull went 'berserk' and tried to rip out the throat of a 10-year-old boy

SOUTH AFRICA -- A boy's family is praying for his recovery after he was nearly killed by a pit bull.

Little Abdush-Shakoor Noordien went into a coma after the dog nearly ripped out his throat.

The attack happened just after 4pm on Friday when the 10-year-old got off the school bus in Pepper Road in Highlands Estate, Philippi.

Residents say the dog had gone “berserk” and attacked two other people just before Abdush-Shakoor.

The bleeding boy was rushed to Hanover Park Day Hospital by a worker in the area. He was then transferred to Red Cross Children’s Hospital, where he has since come out of his coma.

His grandmother, Fowzia Noordien, said her grandson’s distressed friends came screaming at their door on Friday.

“Just after 4pm his friends came running, knocking, screaming saying my grandson was lying in the street and that the dog had bitten him,” she said

Fowzia said they were shocked to see her “blood-soaked” grandson.

“I was in such a state I forgot to thank the dear man for taking my grandson to the hospital,” she explained.

“That child was covered in blood. The dog bit him in his neck, the dog bit his windpipe."

“On Friday he was in a coma, but on Saturday he was in and out of consciousness. He cannot speak at the moment. He is in so much pain and it seems the medication is helping a bit.”

She said the owner of the dog, which has since been removed by Animal Welfare, came to visit Abdush-Shakoor in hospital.

“I spoke to the owner of the dog and she is really sorry for what has happened. She even came to visit my grandson in hospital,” said Fowzia.

“Animal Welfare has taken the dog and police told me the dog was set to be put down."

“We are praying, my grandson must just come right, Inshallah. He is my everything."

The owner of the dog did not answer her cellphone or SMS queries.

Animal Welfare did not respond to Daily Voice queries by Sunday night.

(Daily Voice - March 27, 2017)