Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Texas: 19 dead dogs, some wearing collars, found stuffed in bags and dumped on the side of the road

TEXAS -- An animal rescue worker was horrified to find 19 bags full of dead dogs dumped on a farm in Texas.

Deidra Lewis, who runs the West Texas Diamonds in the Ruff canine animal rescue center, made the grisly discovery last week at Pleasant Farms in Ector County.

She said she arrived at the scene after receiving a tip to find 21 carcasses in total with bones scattered about the area. Some of the dead dogs had collars.

Three female dogs were found alive and were taken in by the rescue center.

In a post on its Facebook page the center wrote: 'You thought you've seen the worse only to drive up on a dead animal dumping ground with carcasses all around you, a random paw scattered here or there.

'And you think to yourself, "What type of society do we live in?"'

Ms Lewis told KWES News West 9 that she alerted the local sheriff's office who said they would clean up the site on Monday.

She added that dumping dogs was a big problem in America.

(Daily Mail - April 17, 2017)

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