Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Texas: Police searching for the person who thought it would be fun to shoot blow darts at tame geese and kill them at the private Trophy Club golf course

TEXAS -- Police are seeking information about an unknown suspect who used blow darts to shoot and kill a goose on a golf course Friday.

A resident called police Friday evening after finding the white pilgrim goose with dart wounds to the stomach and neck near the fifth hole on the Hogan Golf Course at the Trophy Club Country Club, according to Trophy Club Police Department Lt. Tracey Shields.

The goose was taken to a nearby animal hospital, where it died, Shields said.

The darts were estimated to be about 5 inches long.

Police were trying to determine Tuesday whether the state considers the species to be threatened or protected, in which case the likely charge would be animal cruelty.

According to the website Beauty of Birds, the Pilgrim Goose is a domesticated species that is considered endangered, but I don't think there are any federal laws protecting them like endangered species that are actual wildlife.

If not, police may pursue a different charge, such as a violation of a city ordinance that prohibits shooting projectiles, Shields said.

Police are seeking additional information about the incident. If you know anything about it, call 682-831-4650.

(Star Telegram - April 17, 2017)