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California: Chihuahua named Coco nearly disemboweled by Pit Bull

Our Dog Attacked by Pit Bull Mix
Created May 6, 2017
Stephanie Romanowski  
  PITTSBURG, California

On Thursday evening May 4th, I was out walking our two dogs Choco and Wilson; both were leashed. A pit bull mix loose in the neighborhood viciously attacked Choco our three-year-old Chihuahua.

This incident played out like a scene from hell. 

I felt so helpless as I watched this pit bull literally ripped the skin from Choco’s body and shook him violently in the air like a rag doll. 

Neighbors attempted to help get the dog off of him and I personally kicked the dog three times in the rib cage but it did not even phase it. 

At this point my partner Ursula dove at the pit bull and pried its mouth open and snatched Choco and then covered him with her body. Ursula was also bitten but fortunately the bites were minor.

This whole thing continues to run through my head like a recurring nightmare and I start getting nauseous all over again.

We rushed Choco to the emergency vet clinic where he underwent surgery for five hours. Besides the large flap of skin hanging from his body the other major concern was a severe wound to his anal area and the possibility of ruptured anal glands. According to the vet this was more of a concern than his other wounds.

After surgery, we were informed that there were no broken bones and no puncture to the anal gland; good news But the new concern was the lack of skin and dead tissue; apparently, there was barely enough to sew him back up.

As of this writing he is back home and doing good but he is not out of the woods yet. There is still a possibility that more tissue will die off and there will be additional complications if that occurs.

Animal Control was called by the vet due to the extreme nature of Choco’s injuries and more so because a human was bitten.

People should call Animal Control REGARDLESS of the injuries. Just because you or your pet escaped being mauled doesn't mean they don't need to be notified - because the next victim may be mauled. Or killed.

One of our neighbors own this pit and the animal control officer came and seized the dog (the dog also attempted to attack the officer). 

The officer said because of the severe aggressive nature that he was ordering the dog be euthanized.

As for our neighbors, they are lower income; single mom with young children. Suing them would just cost us more money in attorney fees with the likelihood of collecting on a judgment being very slim.

Although she doesn't need an attorney to file a civil suit, she'd never be able to collect from someone who claims to be indigent. However, she could be creative and sue and when she gets to court tell the judge in lieu of them ordering this "single mom" to pay the vet bills, she has to sign an agreement to not get another pit bull. Or not to get another dog over 10-lbs. That's how I'd handle it if this chick really doesn't have two nickels to rub together. 

I have been thinking. Did Choco save a human life?? Our neighbors have very young children So... again the question that is floating around my head right now... did this all happen to prevent a child from being mauled/killed? This thought does offer me a little bit of comfort and if so… then Choco is a hero!

Our vet bill and Ursula’s emergency room visit is currently running about $3,000.00. It’s unlikely that we will get this money back from our neighbors so hoping our friends and any animal lovers who might be willing to help us out. Not looking for people to make huge donations so even a couple dollars and then re-sharing on your social media account would be very much appreciated.

If donations happen to exceed the medical bills then we promise that additional money will be donated to a worthy animal rescue organization in our area. If you can’t donate… no worries… just send a prayer Choco’s way?

Thanks so so much for taking the time to read this story

Our Dog Attacked by Pit Bull Mix
Created May 6, 2017
Stephanie Romanowski  

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